Laura Carmen Paoletti


According to my grandmother, when I was little I would sit back and stare up at the ceiling for hours. In her story, I was a great thinker, staring off into space and contemplating my existence. My memory tells me it wasn’t a blank stretch of wall that was fascinating me. In my reality, I was watching a city interconnected with roads. Those bumps in my grandparents’ popcorn textured wall were energetic, breathing creatures enacting stories and living full lives. Inanimate objects often came to life in my young mind, resulting in an odd attachment to the things of my past as much as the people.

My world and imagination has expanded since childhood, but I never lost that fascination of concocting stories out of nothing. Animation, drawing, and computers are the tools I use to spin yarns now. The stories connect to memory, and the memories connect to generations of women in my family. I use objects and influences from childhood to take bits and pieces of a forgotten family history and build them into a structure I can understand.

I graduate Carnegie Mellon University in May 2011, with a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and Art, a new interdisciplinary degree started in my sophomore year. I have worked for Wanda Dann and the Alice Team ( at Carnegie Mellon since May 2010, creating 3D characters for the new environments of Alice 3.0.

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